Mission Statement

"We strive to improve quality of life of people of all nationalities and cultures of citizens residing in the East Birmingham Area"


The first Steering group meeting was held on 17th May 1995, Chaired by Rev Guy Wilkinson to offer a community resource that is inclusive to all local people to discuss the future of Small Heath and their Residents. On 18th September 1995 the group elected John Bleazard as their first Chairperson and named the organisation as Small Heath Community Forum (SHCF). The organisation held their first AGM on 8th November 1995, chaired by Dr S.A.Khan. The SHCF was registered as a company limited by guaranty in March 1996 and a development worker, funded by SRB1 (Single Regeneration Board 1) was appointed. In 1997, Zualfqar Hussain was Elected as chairperson and Kabir Ahmed was appointed as a Development-worker in 1998. The main office of the organisation was moved to Chapman Road Health Centre in 1998 and in March 1999, SHCF Ltd was registered as a charity. In 2001, Choudhury Lateef was elected as a chairperson. During that period a property was leased at 392a Coventry Road to deliver SHCF activities and projects.

In March 2002, Zualfqar Hussain was appointed as a Chief Executive of SHCF Ltd. The SHCF Ltd also managed to purchase a Christadelphian Church building in Heather Road, Small Heath, which was refurbished in 2007 with the help of grants from ERDF and NRF fund. The refurbished church building was renamed as “KHIDMAT CENTRE”. Khidmat is an Urdu word meaning “SERVICE” Centre, which in 2010 became the registered office of SHCF Ltd.

The SHCF Ltd engages in the advancement of health and saving of lives, training and education and the problems of unemployment and economic and community development . It works to support other voluntary organisations or charities, people of particular ethnicity or racial origin, other charities or voluntary organisations. It provides help to these recipients by acting as an umbrella or a resource body, counseling and providing advocacy and providing buildings, open spaces and facilities.

The Registered office of SHCF Ltd is based at “KHIDMAT CENTRE”
Office Opening Hour’s: Mon. to Fri. 9:30am till 4:30pm

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